The rooms are not very good!

It is not a nice hotel, it is Soviet style "pansionat", you will have basic amenities, but don't expect it to be very comfortable or good design.

There are not a lot of rooms. Our prices are quite high for that quality, so please consider taking a room as your contribution toward the festival. For that money we will be able to bring more great artists, better sound system, design etc. The price is ranging from about $20 per person per night, to about $60-65 per person per night. Right now we are going to let you book only whole rooms, most of them with 4 beds.

If you have a large company of people, take at least one room, so you have a shower and toilet for everybody. Make this room your camp site.

A bit later we will also have tents to rent. Those are not gonna be expensive.
The VIP rooms )) SOLD OUT!
OK renovation, carpeting in bedrooms. Two large VIP rooms are two bedroom apartments with two bedrooms and living room. Each bedroom sleeps 3 people.

They are on the second floor of VIP building.

It is not cleaned on the photo now, without beddings. Will be better when you arrive.

They are $60 per person per night. There is one left for 6 people. Two bedrooms and living room, $1080 for the whole room for 3 nights

(booking form is at the bottom)

Renovated recently rooms on the first floor )) SOLD OUT!
OK renovation, but already somewhat dated. Clean. Most rooms have two bedrooms that sleep two people each. Couple of rooms have 3 bedrooms, where the third is really small, just enough to fit a bed for one person.

They are on the first floor of the building #1.

Cool stuff - the rooms have small patio at the beach of Sevan lake. So you can have your campsite outside.

These rooms sleep 4 to 5 people @ $40 per person per night. $480 per room for 3 nights.


Rooms renovating now )) SOLD OUT!
Two bedrooms each sleep 2 people. Pretty large living room. Nice balcony looking at Sevan lake.

The rooms a being rebuild right now. So they are going to be the cleanest of all ))

These rooms sleep 4 people @ $40 per person per night. $480 per room for 3 nights


Non renovated rooms on the second floor )) SOLD OUT
Just fucking awful. You still have working toilet and shower, most rooms have balconies facing Sevan. But floor could be torn, walls could be in a very bad condition. But will be clean.

There are rooms that sleep 3, 5, 8 people. For 8 people you will have two bedrooms and large living room.

If you bring something cool to decorate the walls, you can make it look nicer. Still better than the tent.

It is not cleaned now, without beddings. Will be better when you arrive.

These rooms go @ $20 per person per night, Rooms for 5 people go @$300 for 3 nights, rooms for 8 people @$480 for 3 nights.

The nest
There are couple of really bad structures )). No toilet inside. But could be a shelter space for your camp.

It is not cleaned now, without beddings. Will be better when you arrive.
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